Way of nature

Wilderness with Way of Nature

Escape city life and devour the relaxing effects of an experience in the wilderness.

Check out our brand new day and long weekend wilderness retreats here.

You'll feel amazing!

Yoga in Ibiza with Soulla

Soullashine Ibiza Retreat

Come take a look at this lovely Yoga retreat in Ibiza designed to help you find yourself relaxed, renewed and inspired in mind, body and spirit.

This yoga retreat will truly provide the ultimate opportunity to pause from the relentless pace of modern day life.

First Thursday's

East London culture for free!

See amazing art, culture and events after hours on the first Thursday of every month.

With private views, events and great bars and restaurants nearby, east London is the place to soak up some culture.

Thames at sunset

Meditate and enjoy the moment...

...and welcome a new feeling of calm into your life.

Stop the head chat and start savouring all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

Learn how here...

Whether you're looking for relaxation, exhilaration or the truly unique, just grab the mood slider below and we'll inspire you to do something different!

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Thanks to ChillorThrill for giving me the push I needed to try out meditation. My course at Stillpoint was brilliant and I finally feel much happier and calmer. I'm spreading the word…
— Hugo Jones (London Bridge)